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Dunhill wetlands

Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland is located in Co. Waterford and is responsible for the treatment of all the wastewater from Dunhill village.

The initial Dunhill Constructed Wetland was built in 2000 by Waterford City & County Council, where the site had two treatment ponds.

An extension to the site was commissioned in 2012, increasing the number of wastewater treatment ponds to five, which gave the wetland extra capacity to treat more wastewater caused by a growing local population.

Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland Project

Final works to be carried out by Uisce Éireann and Waterford City and County Council include:

Completion of a weather station and a control house

Landscaping and improvements in site access (including pathways and fencing)

Construction of a jetty to allow for water sampling points

Installation of flow meters for data collection and recording

New educational features including informational signage and a webcam

Completion of a River Window which was partly funded by the local community in Dunhill

Wetland River Window

The River Window at Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland will provide a great opportunity to see what animals and plant life are living in the river which drains the Dunhill-Annestown Valley Catchment area. The River Window will also allow visitors at Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland to see how life in the river may change during different conditions and seasons. The River Window will be open to the public in 2016.


A large number of plants like grasses, sedges, herbs and reeds grow at Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland. During the year, plants like ragged robin, flag iris, meadow tails, cattails and spearwort will grow and flower, attracting bees and butterflies that can help with pollination. Hawthorn, blackberry, holly and bilberry bushes all grow at Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland.


There is a range of wildlife living at Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland. Throughout the seasons you have the opportunity to spot otters, water bats, frogs and newts. You will also see visiting and resident birds at Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetland, including kingfishers, herons, little egrets, cormorants, moorhens and grey wagtails.