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Do you have a blockage or are your drains or sewers flooded? If you are experiencing a wastewater emergency call us now on 1800 278 278.


Flooding can be a very stressful and upsetting experience. At Uisce Éireann, we work very hard to prevent flooding. However, there are many reasons why flooding can occur that are beyond our control. See what can cause it or contact us to report a flood.


Blocked drains can cause flooding and damage to your home. Spot the signs and find out if you have an internal or external issue, and see who is responsible for clearing them.

Sewer and drain flooding

Has your property been flooded by a public sewer? Please call Uisce Éireann immediately on 1800 278 278.

Who is responsible for these issues?

Uisce Éireann has sole responsibility for the cleaning and maintenance of the public sewer network. Householders and property owners are responsible for their internal plumbing and the private side pipework leading up to the sewer mains.