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Water meters

How to access and read a water meter safely

A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water supplied to your home or business. Meters are placed in meter boxes that are fitted underground on public land.

You can see the meter readings for your property or premises in your online account.

Safety guidelines

You can open your meter box to read the meter or turn the stop valve. Turning the stop valve will stop the water supply to your property or business premises.When accessing your water meter, be aware of your safety as well as the safety of others nearby. Always;


Ask a neighbour or family member to help you if you have mobility concerns


Make sure that there is good lighting


Never read your water meter at night


Make sure the ground and meter box are free from debris


Wear suitable safety clothing such as a high visibility vest and gloves


Use a knee rest or knee protectors

Never leave the water meter lid open or unattended. There is a risk that someone will fall in or trip over the lid.

Access the meter

Plastic meter lids

  1. Find the small slots located around the edge of the meter lid.
  2. Insert a safe tool, such as the flat handle of a spoon, into the slots to prise the lid off.

If the lid is difficult to remove, please contact Uisce Éireann. Do not force the lid open.

Metal meter lids

Metal lids are heavier and sometimes need specialist keys. Because of this, they may be more difficult to access. Contact Uisce Éireann for further information on accessing these meters.

Remove the frost plug

1. Open the meter box.

2. Find the frost plug. It is usually white, made of foam and round or oval in shape.

3. Remove the frost plug carefully. You should now be able to see the water meter in the bottom of the box.

If there is water or any other debris contact Uisce Éireann. Do not try to clear it with your hand.

Read the meter

Meter serial number

The meter serial number is a combination of letters and numbers. These are either 10 or 11 characters in length depending on the type of meter that you have. 

There are two types of water meters, Diehl and Itron. The images below show the location of the serial number on each of these meters.

Business owners

The serial number on your bill will be referred to as the 'Meter no.' in the 'Bill detail' section. To help you read the correct water meter match the serial number on your meter to the serial number on your bill.

Read the dial

Read the dials from left to right, taking note of all the digits in the black and red sections. The Diehl meter has a clear lid. Lift the lid to see the dials. The red dials may be difficult to read on the Diehl meter as the last digit is partially covered.

Close the meter


Replace the frost plug so your meter continues to be protected.


Check that the rubber seal around the edge of the lid has not been dislodged.


Replace the lid firmly to ensure that the meter box remains watertight.

Customers should not remove any Uisce Éireann apparatus from the meter box.

Call our Customer Care Team

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