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Protecting our water sources

Protecting water sources helps sustain the water we drink and the environment. We work with stakeholders to protect rivers, lakes and groundwater from harmful activities and substances.

If we don't manage our land safely, we can potentially introduce contaminants into our water sources. This can create challenges at our water treatment plants that result in higher treatment costs.

By focusing on solutions that address the source of the problem rather than dealing with the consequences (i.e. installing "end of pipe" treatment") we can achieve additional benefits for biodiversity and climate.

Learn more about how we can protect our water sources and target contamination at its source.

Water Source Catchments

How we manage water source catchments can affect the quality of our drinking water. Learn more about how to protect water sources from contamination.

Pesticides in Water Sources

Using and disposing of pesticides can impact the quality of our water sources. Learn more about how to safely use and handle pesticides to prevent water contamination.

Protecting water sources in the agricultural sector

The farming community can make a big impact on protecting water sources. Learn more about how following best practices for farming activities and pesticide use can help prevent water contamination.

Further learning

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