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Water Conservation for Hospitals

Water conservation is crucial for hospitals, both from a financial and environmental standpoint. By carefully monitoring and managing water use, healthcare facilities can effectively reduce their expenses and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Here are some tips to help hospitals improve their water conservation efforts:



Compare your hospital's water usage with that of similar facilities to identify areas for improvement. This can be done by analysing annual water consumption in relation to the number of patient bed days provided by the hospital. Patient Bed Days serve as a standard indicator for benchmarking in the healthcare sector.


Water Management Plan

Develop and implement a comprehensive water management plan that focuses on the continuous improvement of water service provision in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This plan should include strategies for reducing water waste, optimising water infrastructure, and promoting water-efficient practices throughout the hospital.


Appoint a Water Steward

Consider joining initiatives like the Uisce Éireann Hospital Water Stewardship Programme, which aims to map water usage across hospital sites. By participating, your hospital can gain valuable insights into water consumption patterns and explore opportunities for further conservation.


Collaborate with Maintenance Department

Ensure that the maintenance department receives the necessary support from all staff members, as their role is critical in detecting and resolving water-related issues. Encourage employees to report leaks, wasteful practices, or any water-related concerns promptly. Regular maintenance checks should be conducted to address plumbing leaks and faulty equipment that may be contributing to excessive water consumption.


Educate Staff and Patients

Raise awareness about the importance of water conservation among hospital staff and patients. Promote water-saving habits such as using water-efficient fixtures, turning off taps when not in use, and reporting leaks promptly. Consider displaying informative signage or conducting training sessions on water conservation practices to encourage active participation.


Did You Know?

The University Hospital Kerry consumes around 65 million litres of water every year. Significant reductions in water consumption has been achieved by University Hospital Kerry through the detection and repair of leaks across the campus.

“We are delighted that UHK was chosen as one of the pilot projects for the Water Stewardship project. This initiative should help us to reduce water wastage and improve the quality of water across the hospital site improving the overall safety, comfort and well-being to patients and staff at University Hospital Kerry.”

Mary Fitzgerald, General Manager, UHK

Paul De Frein, HSE, National Director of Capital & Estates. Niall Gleeson, Uisce Éireann, CEO. Bernard Gloster, HSE CEO. Christine Crawford, Uisce Éireann, Business Marketing & Communications Lead

“Capital & Estates support the water stewardship initiative. One of the key outcomes of the extended programme will be the identification of ways to reduce water consumption and to mitigate against water related risks throughout our acute hospital sites. This is an important part of the HSE's recently published HSE Climate Action Strategy 2023-2050. We also welcome building strong relationships between Capital & Estates and Uisce Éireann”

Kieran Twomey; Estate Manager (Cork & Kerry)

The Acute Hospital Water Stewardship Programme

The Acute Hospital Water Stewardship Programme is a pioneering initiative in Ireland. Participating hospitals will begin by developing a comprehensive water map of their premises to identify potential risks and challenges. This programme is facilitated by 20FIFTY Partners, who provide valuable training and conduct on-site visits alongside representatives from Uisce Éireann. Together, they analyse the findings, offer support, and propose effective solutions. Collaboration with county councils and the Health Service Executive (HSE) further strengthens the overall effectiveness of the programme. Visit the Healthcare Water Efficiency Guide to find out more.

“Through this partnership with the HSE, our aim is to advance water management within the healthcare sector. By helping hospitals identify areas for improvement and implement effective water conservation measures, we can minimise water waste, reduce operational costs, and create a greener and more resilient healthcare infrastructure across the nation. Uisce Eireann is committed to leading the charge towards a more responsible and efficient water usage landscape. Together with the HSE, we firmly believe that our collaborative efforts will drive positive change and ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Geoffrey Bourke, Head of Uisce Éireann Customer Operations

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