Irish Water is responsible for the development and delivery of water and wastewater services to homes and businesses throughout the country as well as facilitating connections to our existing network. The Water Services Act (2007) requires that any person or organisation seeking a new or modified connection to enter into a Connection Agreement with Irish Water.

You can apply for a connection (new or modified) to Irish Water for both domestic & non-domestic premises in the following instances: 

  • Single Domestic
    This is a connection to a single domestic premises, for example, a new build or existing house
  • Business
    This is a connection to a single business premises, for example,  a shop or office
  • Temporary
    This is a connection which will later be removed, for example, temporary construction work or an event
  • Multi / Mixed Used
    This is a connection for combined domestic, business and industrial use, for example, properties where owners live over their business, hotels with residential living or student accommodation with retail facilities
  • Housing Development
    This is a multi connection to numerous domestic properties, for example, housing estates or a series of apartment blocks

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Irish Water is responsible for water and wastewater connections to homes and businesses throughout the country. We are working in partnership with Local Authorities to make getting a connection easier.

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