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Settlements with Waste Water Discharge Authorisations ‐ Wastewater Treatment Capacity Register

Region County Settlement Census pop. (2016) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Reg # Indication of Available Capacity WWTP Project Planned/Underway
S Wexford Wexford 20,188 Wexford town WWTP ** D0030 • Green  
S Wexford Enniscorthy 11,381 Enniscorthy WWTP D0029 • Green  
S Wexford Gorey 9,822 Courtown WWTP D0046 • Green  
S Wexford New Ross 8,040 New Ross WWTP D0036 • Green  
S Wexford Bunclody-Carrickduff 1,984 Bunclody WWTP D0163 • Green  
S Wexford Ballygeary or Rosslare Harbour & Kilrane 1,847 Rosslare Harbour WWTP D0165 • Green  
S Wexford Rosslare Strand 1,620 Rosslare Strand WWTP*** D0173 • Amber  
S Wexford Ferns 1,415 Ferns South WWTP * D0169 • Amber  
S Wexford Kilmuckeridge or Ford 722 Kilmuckridge WWTP D0161 • Green  
S Wexford Ballymurn 524 Ballymurn WWTP D0407 • Green  
S Wexford Ballycanew 516 Ballycanew WWTP D0402 • Red  
S Wexford Ballaghkeen/Ballagh 515 Ballaghkeen WWTP * D0398 • Amber  
S Wexford Bridgetown 462 Bridegtown WWTP D0231 • Green  
S Wexford Campile 448 Campile WWTP D0409 • Red  
S Wexford Grahormac 439 Tagoat WWTP D0397 • Amber Yes
S Wexford Camolin 415 Camolin WWTP * D0405 • Red  
S Wexford Coolgreaney 376 Coolgreany WWTP D0174 • Red  
S Wexford Kilmore Quay 372 D0232 • Green Yes
S Wexford Castle Ellis 339 Blackwater WWTP D0143 • Green  
S Wexford Clonroche 326 Clonroche WWTP D0404 • Green  
S Wexford Fetherd on Sea 311 Fetherd‐on‐Sea WWTP D0241 • Red  
S Wexford Duncannon 305 Arthurstown - Ballyhack - Duncannon WWTP D0245 • Green Yes
S Wexford Adamstown 293 Adamstown WWTP A0235 • Red  
S Wexford Arthurstown 121 Arthurstown - Ballyhack - Duncannon WWTP A0243 • Green Yes
S Wexford Ballindaggin Unavailable Ballindaggin WWTP A0259 • Green  
S Wexford Ballycullane 318 Ballycullane WWTP A0240 • Green  
S Wexford Ballygarrett Unavailable Ballygarrett WWTP A0237 • Green  
S Wexford Ballygoman Unavailable Ballygoman WWTP A0252 • Green  
S Wexford Ballyhack 206 Arthurstown - Ballyhack -
Duncannon WWTP
A0242 • Green Yes
S Wexford Ballyhoge 269 Ballyhoge WWTP A0256 • Green  
S Wexford Ballymoney Unavailable Ballymoney WWTP A0236 • Red  
S Wexford Ballywilliam Unavailable Ballywilliam WWTP * A0234 • Green  
S Wexford Boleyvogue Unavailable Boleyvogue WWTP A0258 • Red  
S Wexford Bree 193 Bree WWTP A0253 • Green  
S Wexford Carna Unavailable Carna WWTP A0239 • Green  
S Wexford Carrick Unavailable Carrick WWTP A0257 • Green  
S Wexford Castledockerell Unavailable Castledockerell WWTP A0262 • Green  
S Wexford Clohamon Unavailable Clohamon WWTP A0254 • Green  
S Wexford Clongeen 267 Clongeen WWTP A0244 • Red  
S Wexford Crossabeg Unavailable Crossabeg WWTP A0268 • Green  
S Wexford Davidstown Unavailable Davidstown WWTP A0264 • Red  
S Wexford Duncormick 116 Duncormick WWTP A0248 • Green  
S Wexford Glenbrien Unavailable Glenbrien WWTP A0261 • Green  
S Wexford Hollyfort Unavailable Hollyfort WWTP A0263 • Green  
S Wexford Killinierin 244 Killinierin WWTP A0238 • Red  
S Wexford Kilmyshall 149 Kilmyshall WWTP A0271 • Green  
S Wexford Kiltealey 171 Kiltealey WWTP A0265 • Green  
S Wexford Lady's Island Unavailable Lady's Island WWTP A0241 • Green  
S Wexford Lough Unavailable Lough WWTP A0232 • Green  
S Wexford Marshalstown Unavailable Marshalstown WWTP A0266 • Green  
S Wexford Monagear Unavailable Monagear WWTP A0267 • Green  
S Wexford Monamolin Unavailable Monamolin WWTP * A0231 • Red  
S Wexford Newbaun Unavailable Newbaun WWTP A0233 • Green  
S Wexford Oilgate 358 Oilgate WWTP * A0247 • Green  
S Wexford Oulart 274 Oulart WWTP A0249 • Green  
S Wexford Rathnure Unavailable Rathnure WWTP A0270 • Green  
S Wexford Roche's Garden Unavailable Roche's Garden WWTP A0250 • Red  
S Wexford St Brigids Terrace (Tellorought) Unavailable St Brigids Terrace (Tellorought) WWTP A0255 • Green  
S Wexford Tomhaggard Unavailable Tomhaggard WWTP A0246 • Green  
S Wexford Wellingtonbridge Unavailable Wellingtonbridge WWTP A0245 • Red Yes

Indication of Available Capacity

This register provides an indication of available wastewater treatment capacity based on loads received in 2022 and available treatment plan capacity now or by completion of a project at construction (where relevant).

• Green = spare capacity available.

• Amber = potential spare capacity, applications to be considered on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements.

• Red = no spare capacity available at present.

WWTP Project Planned/Underway

Project planned or underway to increase capacity and/ or improve treatment performance, based on available information in June 2023.

General notes

  • The indication of available treatment capacity has been determined based on a standardised national review of the available information.
  • The information in this register is subject to change.
  • This register provides commentary on the available capacity at the WWTP, it does not consider the capacity of the sewer network.
  • A Pre-Connection Enquiry should be submitted to Uisce Éireann to determine the feasibility of connecting any particular site to the Uisce Eireann network, feasibility should not be inferred from this register

Reg #

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation Number


*Multiple WWTPs serve this agglomeration ‐ available headroom, where indicated, may not be available across the entire agglomeration.

**Wexford WWTP also services the following settlements: Ballyhine (Park View), Castlebridge, Murntown, Piercetown and Taghmon.

***Potential spare capacity. Connection applications and enquiries currently being processed may impact on capacity availability. Connection applications will be assessed on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements, engagement with Uisce Éireann's Connections and Developer Services Team ahead of planning a project is required.


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