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Settlements with Waste Water Discharge Authorisations ‐ Wastewater Treatment Capacity Register

Region County Settlement Census pop. (2016) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Reg # Indication of Available Capacity WWTP Project Planned/Underway
S Tipperary Clonmel 17,140 Clonmel WWTP D0035 • Green  
S Tipperary Nenagh 8,968 Nenagh New WWTP D0027 • Amber Yes
S Tipperary Thurles 7,940 Thurles WWTP D0026 • Green  
S Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir 5,771 Carrick‐On‐Suir WWTP D0148 • Green  
S Tipperary Roscrea 5,446 Roscrea WWTP D0025 • Amber  
S Tipperary Tipperary 4,979 Tipperary Town WWTP D0146 • Amber  
S Tipperary Cashel 4,422 Cashel WWTP D0171 • Amber Yes
S Tipperary Ballina & Killaloe 4,116 Ballina (North Tipperary) WWTP D0189 • Green** Yes
S Tipperary Cahir 3,593 Cahir WWTP D0167 • Green** Yes
S Tipperary Newport 1,995 Newport (North Tipperary) WWTP D0325 • Green** Yes
S Tipperary Templemore 1,939 Templemore WWTP D0190 • Green  
S Tipperary Fethard 1,545 Fethard WWTP D0164 • Red Yes
S Tipperary Borrisokane 942 Borrisokane WWTP D0326 • Amber  
S Tipperary Ardfinnan 899 Ardfinnan WWTP D0311 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballyclerahan 862 Ballyclerihan WWTP D0455 • Green  
S Tipperary Kilsheelan 812 Kilsheelan WWTP D0452 • Red Yes
S Tipperary Holycross 715 Holycross WWTP D0478 • Green  
S Tipperary Borrisoleigh 679 Borrisoleigh WWTP D0323 • Green  
S Tipperary Killenaule 652 Killenaule WWTP D0443 • Green  
S Tipperary Cloughjordan 612 Cloughjordan WWTP D0475 • Red Yes
S Tipperary Twomileborris 572 Twomileborris WWTP D0474 • Amber  
S Tipperary Mullinahone 499 Mullinahone WWTP D0456 • Amber  
S Tipperary Clogheen 478 Clogheen WWTP D0453 • Green  
S Tipperary Littleton 394 Littleton WWTP D0480 • Green  
S Tipperary Cappawhite 343 Cappawhite WWTP D0440 • Green  
S Tipperary Limerick Junction No data Limerick Junction WWTP D0457 • Green Yes
S Tipperary Aglish 333 Aglish WWTP A0192 • Green  
S Tipperary Annacarthy Unavailable Annacarthy WWTP A0510 • Green  
S Tipperary Ardcroney Unavailable Ardcroney WWTP A0184 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballinaclogh Unavailable Ballinaclogh WWTP A0179 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballingarry 269 Ballingarry (TN) WWTP A0183 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballingarry Unavailable Ballingarry (TS) WWTP A0407 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballycommon Unavailable Ballycommon WWTP   • Green  
S Tipperary Ballylooby Unavailable Ballylooby WWTP A0426 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballyneill Unavailable Ballyneill WWTP A0504 • Red  
S Tipperary Ballynonty 152 Ballynonty WWTP A0430 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballyporeen 318 Ballyporeen WWTP A0497 • Green  
S Tipperary Ballysloe Unavailable Ballysloe WWTP A0512 • Green  
S Tipperary Bansha 333 Bansha WWTP A0428 • Green  
S Tipperary Boherlahan 299 Boherlahan WWTP A0429 • Green  
S Tipperary Bouladuff Unavailable Bouladuff WWTP A0202 • Green  
S Tipperary Burncourt Unavailable Burncourt WWTP A0408 • Green  
S Tipperary Clonakenny Unavailable Clonakenny WWTP A0185 • Green  
S Tipperary Cloneen Unavailable Cloneen WWTP A0507 • Green  
S Tipperary Clonmore Unavailable Clonmore WWTP A0193 • Green  
S Tipperary Clonoulty Unavailable Clonoulty WWTP A0415 • Green  
S Tipperary Coalbrook Unavailable Coalbrook WWTP A0513 • Green  
S Tipperary Commons Unavailable Commons WWTP A0427 • Green  
S Tipperary Cullen Unavailable Cullen WWTP A0417 • Green  
S Tipperary Donohill Unavailable Donohill WWTP A0514 • Green  
S Tipperary Drangan 145 Drangan WWTP A0412 • Green  
S Tipperary Drom Unavailable Drom WWTP A0190 • Green  
S Tipperary Dromineer 102 Dromineer WWTP A0186 • Green  
S Tipperary Dundrum 165 Dundrum WWTP A0410 • Green  
S Tipperary Emly 302 Emly WWTP A0409 • Green  
S Tipperary Faugheen Unavailable Faugheen WWTP A0420 • Green  
S Tipperary Glengoole Unavailable Glengoole WWTP A0422 • Green  
S Tipperary Golden 267 Golden WWTP * A0421 • Red  
S Tipperary Gortnahoe 286 Gortnahoe WWTP A0423 • Green  
S Tipperary Grange Unavailable Grange WWTP A0511 • Green  
S Tipperary Grangemockler Unavailable Grangemockler WWTP * A0416 • Green Yes
S Tipperary Hollyford Unavailable Hollyford WWTP A0414 • Green  
S Tipperary Kilcash Unavailable Kilcash WWTP A0509 • Green  
S Tipperary Kilross Unavailable Kilross WWTP A0515 • Green  
S Tipperary Kiltillane Unavailable Kiltillane WWTP A0198 • Green  
S Tipperary Knockavilla Unavailable Knockavilla WWTP A0505 • Green  
S Tipperary Lachtacarn Unavailable Lachtacarn WWTP A0199 • Green  
S Tipperary Lattin Unavailable Lattin WWTP A0506 • Green  
S Tipperary Lisronagh 184 Lisronagh WWTP A0406 • Green  
S Tipperary Lisvarrinane Unavailable Lisvarrinane WWTP A0419 • Red Yes
S Tipperary Lorrha Unavailable Lorrha WWTP A0191 • Green  
S Tipperary Loughmore Unavailable Loughmore WWTP A0201 • Green  
S Tipperary Middlequarter Unavailable Middlequarter WWTP A0521 • Green  
S Tipperary Monard 212 Monard WWTP A0508 • Green  
S Tipperary Moyglass Unavailable Moyglass WWTP A0413 • Green  
S Tipperary Moyne Unavailable Moyne WWTP A0188 • Green  
S Tipperary New Inn Unavailable New Inn WWTP A0424 • Green  
S Tipperary Newcastle 352 Newcastle WWTP A0418 • Red  
S Tipperary Newtown 309 Newtown WWTP A0195 • Green  
S Tipperary Portroe 461 Portroe WWTP A0182 • Red Yes
S Tipperary Puckane Unavailable Puckane WWTP A0200 • Green  
S Tipperary Rathcabbin Unavailable Rathcabbin WWTP A0203 • Green  
S Tipperary Rearcross Unavailable Rearcross WWTP A0180 • Green  
S Tipperary Redmonstown Unavailable Redmonstown WWTP A0411 • Green  
S Tipperary Rosegreen 171 Rosegreen WWTP A0425 • Green  
S Tipperary Rossadrehid Unavailable Rossadrehid WWTP A0520 • Green  
S Tipperary Silvermines 310 Silvermines WWTP A0178 • Red  
S Tipperary Templetuohy 282 Templetuohy WWTP A0189 • Green  
S Tipperary Terryglass Unavailable Terryglass WWTP A0194 • Green  
S Tipperary Toomevara 280 Toomevara WWTP A0187 • Green  
S Tipperary Upperchurch Unavailable Upperchurch WWTP A0181 • Green  

Indication of Available Capacity

This register provides an indication of available wastewater treatment capacity based on loads received in 2022 and available treatment plan capacity now or by completion of a project at construction (where relevant).

• Green = spare capacity available.

• Amber = potential spare capacity, applications to be considered on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements.

• Red = no spare capacity available at present.

WWTP Project Planned/Underway

Project planned or underway to increase capacity and/ or improve treatment performance, based on available information in June 2023.

General notes

  • The indication of available treatment capacity has been determined based on a standardised national review of the available information.
  • The information in this register is subject to change.
  • This register provides commentary on the available capacity at the WWTP, it does not consider the capacity of the sewer network.
  • A Pre-Connection Enquiry should be submitted to Uisce Éireann to determine the feasibility of connecting any particular site to the Uisce Eireann network, feasibility should not be inferred from this register

Reg #

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation Number


*Multiple WWTPs serve this agglomeration ‐ available headroom, where indicated, may not be available across the entire agglomeration.

**Indication of Available Capacity is based on capacity available on completion of a project currently at construction.



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