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Settlements with Waste Water Discharge Authorisations ‐ Wastewater Treatment Capacity Register

Region County Settlement Census pop. (2016) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Reg # Indication of Available Capacity WWTP Project Planned/Underway
EM Offaly Tullamore 14,607 Tullamore WWTP D0039 • Green  
EM Offaly Edenderry 7,359 Edenderry WWTP D0110 • Amber Yes
EM Offaly Birr 4,370 Birr WWTP D0109 • Green  
EM Offaly Clara 3,336 Clara WWTP D0142 • Green  
EM Offaly Banagher 1,760 Banagher WWTP D0141 • Green  
EM Offaly Ferbane 1,191 Ferbane WWTP D0147 • Green  
EM Offaly Daingean 1,077 Daingean WWTP D0226 • Green  
EM Offaly Kilcormac 935 Kilcormac WWTP D0225 • Green  
EM Offaly Mucklagh 826 Mucklagh WWTP D0364 • Green  
EM Offaly Rhode 811 Rhode WWTP D0227 • Green Yes
EM Offaly Shinrone 645 Shinrone WWTP D0365 • Green  
EM Offaly Cloghan 601 Cloghan WWTP D0369 • Green  
EM Offaly Ballinagar 453 Ballinagar WWTP D0362 • Green  
EM Offaly Kinnitty 381 Kinnitty WWTP D0363 • Green  
EM Offaly Bracknagh 212 Bracknagh WWTP A0172 • Green  
EM Offaly Clonbullogue 439 Clonbullogue WWTP A0168 • Green  
EM Offaly Cloneygowan Unavailable Cloneygowan WWTP A0167 • Green Yes
EM Offaly Coolderry Unavailable Coolderry WWTP A0166 • Green  
EM Offaly Geashill 395 Geashill WWTP A0177 • Green  
EM Offaly Killeigh 212 Killeigh WWTP A0163 • Green  
EM Offaly Leamonaghan Unavailable Leamonaghan WWTP A0174 • Green  
EM Offaly Moneygall 313 Moneygall WWTP A0169 • Green  
EM Offaly Mountbolus Unavailable Mountbolus WWTP A0170 • Green  
EM Offaly Rahan Unavailable Rahan WWTP A0173 • Green  
EM Offaly Shannon Harbour Unavailable Shannon Harbour WWTP A0162 • Green  
EM Offaly Shannonbridge 175 Shannonbridge WWTP A0171 • Green  
EM Offaly Walsh Island 443 Walsh Island WWTP A0175 • Red  

Indication of Available Capacity

This register provides an indication of available wastewater treatment capacity based on loads received in 2022 and available treatment plan capacity now or by completion of a project at construction (where relevant).

• Green = spare capacity available.

• Amber = potential spare capacity, applications to be considered on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements.

• Red = no spare capacity available at present.

WWTP Project Planned/Underway

Project planned or underway to increase capacity and/ or improve treatment performance, based on available information in June 2023.

General notes

  • The indication of available treatment capacity has been determined based on a standardised national review of the available information.
  • The information in this register is subject to change.
  • This register provides commentary on the available capacity at the WWTP, it does not consider the capacity of the sewer network.
  • A Pre-Connection Enquiry should be submitted to Uisce Éireann to determine the feasibility of connecting any particular site to the Uisce Eireann network, feasibility should not be inferred from this register

Reg #

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation Number


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