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Settlements with Waste Water Discharge Authorisations ‐ Wastewater Treatment Capacity Register

RegionCountySettlementCensus pop. (2016)Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)Reg #Indication of Available CapacityWWTP Project Planned/Underway
SLimerickLimerick City and suburbs94,192Limerick WWTPD0013• GreenYes
SLimerickLimerick City and suburbsincl.Castletroy WWTPD0019• GreenYes
SLimerickNewcastle West6,619Newcastle West WWTP^D0108• GreenYes
SLimerickAbbeyfeale2,023Abbeyfeale WWTPD0115• Green 
SLimerickKillmallock1,668Kilmallock WWTPD0106• Green 
SLimerickCaherconlish1,476Caherconlish WWTPD0308• Green 
SLimerickRathkeale1,441Rathkeale WWTPD0112• Green 
SLimerickMurroe1,377Murroe WWTPD0306• Red 
SLimerickCroom1,159Croom WWTPD0307• Red 
SLimerickAskeaton1,137Askeaton WWTPD0315• Red 
SLimerickAdare1,129Adare WWTP^^D0312• AmberYes
SLimerickBruff803Bruff WWTPD0313• Green 
SLimerickKilfinnane789Kilfinnane WWTPD0305• Amber 
SLimerickHospital653Hospital WWTPD0314• RedYes
SLimerickPallaskenry651Pallaskenry WWTPD0304• Green 
SLimerickCappamore620Cappamore WWTPD0310• Amber 
SLimerickBruree580Bruree WWTPD0506• Green 
SLimerickGlin576D0504• RedYes
SLimerickPallasgreen568Pallasgreen WWTPD0503• Green 
SLimerickBallingarry521Ballingarry (County Limerick) WWTPD0507• Amber 
SLimerickFoynes520D0502• RedYes
SLimerickDromcollagher518Dromcollagher WWTPD0316• RedYes
SLimerickDoon516Doon WWTPD0309• Amber 
SLimerickAthea369Athea WWTPD0508• Green 
SLimerickOola324Oola WWTPD0505• Red 
SLimerickArdagh (LK)265Ardagh WWTPA0214• Green 
SLimerickAskeaton Housing EstateUnavailableAskeaton Housing Estate (Lisma Cluaindara (Anglesborough) WWTPA0503• Green 
SLimerickBallyagran179Ballyagran WWTPA0207• Green 
SLimerickBallyhahill146Ballyhahill WWTPA0206• Green 
SLimerickBallylanders308Ballylanders WWTPA0196• Green 
SLimerickBanogueUnavailableBanogue WWTPA0215• Red 
SLimerickBroadford276Broadford WWTPA0222• Green 
SLimerickBrookhavenUnavailableBrookhaven, Montpelier WWTPA0499• Green 
SLimerickCarrigkerry184Carrigkerry WWTPA0213• Green 
SLimerickCastlemahonUnavailableCastlemahon WWTP **A0218• Green 
SLimerickCluaindara (Anglesborough)UnavailableCluaindara (Anglesborough) WWA0500• Green 
SLimerickCroagh216Croagh WWTPA0216• Red 
SLimerickEltonUnavailableElton WWTPA0211• Red 
SLimerickFedamore329Fedamore WWTPA0204• Green 
SLimerickFeenaghUnavailableFeenagh WWTPA0220• Green 
SLimerickGalbally251Galbally WWTPA0208• GreenYes
SLimerickGlenfieldUnavailableKilmallock WWTPD0106• Green 
SLimerickHerbertstownUnavailableHerbertstown WWTPA0224• Green 
SLimerickKilbeheny (Knockrour)UnavailableKilbeheny (Knockrour) WWTPA0502• Green 
SLimerickKilmeedyUnavailableKilmeedy WWTPA0212• Green 
SLimerickKilteely171Kilteely WWTPA0209• Green 
SLimerickKnocklong256Knocklong WWTPA0210• Green 
SLimerickLoghillUnavailableLoghill WWTP *A0217• Green 
SLimerickMountcollins201Mountcollins WWTPA0223• Green 
SLimerickShanagolden303Shanagolden WWTP *A0219• Red 
SLimerickStrand (Cois na Habhainn)UnavailableStrand (Cois na Habhainn) WWTPA0498• Green 
SLimerickTempleglentanUnavailableTempleglentan WWTPA0205• Green 
SLimerickTournafulla144Tournafulla WWTP *A0221• Green 

Indication of Available Capacity

This register provides an indication of available wastewater treatment capacity based on loads received in 2022 and available treatment plan capacity now or by completion of a project at construction (where relevant).

• Green = spare capacity available.

• Amber = potential spare capacity, applications to be considered on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements.

• Red = no spare capacity available at present.

WWTP Project Planned/Underway

Project planned or underway to increase capacity and/ or improve treatment performance, based on available information in June 2023.

General notes

  • The indication of available treatment capacity has been determined based on a standardised national review of the available information.
  • The information in this register is subject to change.
  • This register provides commentary on the available capacity at the WWTP, it does not consider the capacity of the sewer network.
  • A Pre-Connection Enquiry should be submitted to Uisce Éireann to determine the feasibility of connecting any particular site to the Uisce Eireann network, feasibility should not be inferred from this register

Reg #

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation Number


* Multiple WWTPs serve this agglomeration - available headroom, where indicated, may not be available across the entire agglomeration.

**Capacity based on primary treatment only.

^ Connection applications and enquiries currently being processed may impact on capacity availability. Connection applications will be assessed on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements, engagement with Uisce Éireann's Connections and Developer Services Team ahead of planning a project is required.


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