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Settlements with Waste Water Discharge Authorisations - Wastewater Treatment Capacity Register

Region County Settlement Census pop. (2016) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Reg # Indication of Available Capacity WWTP Project Planned/Underway
EM Fingal Swords 47,418 Swords WWTP D0024 • Green  
EM Fingal Balbriggan 21,722 Barnageeragh WWTP D0023 • Green  
EM Fingal Malahide 16,550 Malahide WWTP D0021 • Green Yes
EM Fingal Skerries 10,043 Barnageeragh WWTP D0023 • Green  
EM Fingal Rush 9,943 Portrane/Donabate WWTP D0114 • Green  
EM Fingal Portmarnock 9,466 Ringsend WWTP * D0034 • Green* Yes
EM Fingal Lusk 7,786 Portrane/Donabate WWTP D0114 • Green  
EM Fingal Donabate 7,443 Portrane/Donabate WWTP D0114 • Green  
EM Fingal Kinsealy-Drinan 6,643 Swords WWTP D0024 • Green  
EM Fingal Ballyboghil 447 Ballyboghil WWTP A0108 • Green  
EM Fingal Colecot Cottages Unavailable Colecot Cottages WWTP A0107 • Green  
EM Fingal Garristown 509 Garristown WWTP A0110 • Green  
EM Fingal Naul 568 Naul WWTP A0103 • Red Yes
EM Fingal Newtown Cottages Unavailable Newtown Cottages WWTP A0104 • Red  
EM Fingal Oldtown 497 Oldtown WWTP A0106 • Red Yes
EM Fingal Turvey cottages Unavailable Turvey Cottages WWTP A0102 • Red  

Indication of Available Capacity

This register provides an indication of available wastewater treatment capacity based on loads received in 2022 and available treatment plan capacity now or by completion of a project at construction (where relevant).

• Green = spare capacity available.

• Amber = potential spare capacity, applications to be considered on an individual basis considering their specific load requirements.

• Red = no spare capacity available at present.

WWTP Project Planned/Underway

Project planned or underway to increase capacity and/ or improve treatment performance, based on available information in June 2023.

General notes

  • The indication of available treatment capacity has been determined based on a standardised national review of the available information.
  • The information in this register is subject to change.
  • This register provides commentary on the available capacity at the WWTP, it does not consider the capacity of the sewer network.
  • A Pre-Connection Enquiry should be submitted to Uisce Éireann to determine the feasibility of connecting any particular site to the Uisce Eireann network, feasibility should not be inferred from this register

Reg #

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation Number


*Indication of Available Capacity is based on capacity available on completion of a project currently at construction.


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