18/046 - Boyle WSS – Extension to Grangemore WSS

Irish Water is undertaking a competitive tender process to award a contract to meet the following requirements: Irish Water seeks to progress 18/046 - Boyle WSS – Extension to Grangemore WSS, comprising the design and construction of: Design and construction of a new pumping station at Carrickmore reservoir site to forward Boyle Ardcarne water to the Plains reservoir and Ballymore reservoir; approximately 2,665m of 225mm O.D HPPE PE100 SDR11 rising main between the new pumping station and Plains reservoir; approximately 1,080m of 180mm PE SDR17, as a new link main to link the existing 150mm PVC pumped inlet main to the Plains Reservoir and the existing 150mm PVC Ballymore Inlet main; approximately 935m of 180mm PE SDR17 main from the existing 225mm HDPE main laid as part of the N61 realignment scheme, to the Cavetown WTP to complete a new supply main from the Plains Reservoir; other related ancillary and specialist works; decommissioning of Cavetown WTP. The successful Contractor will be required to take on the roles of PSDP and PSCS for the whole of the Works.

If you wish to express an interest in this tender please email tenders@ervia.ie quoting 18/046 – Boyle WSS – Extension to Grangemore WSS

The date for return of tenders is not later than 12:00hrs Wednesday 25th July 2018.

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