Leaks In Your Home

Much of our drinking water is lost through leaks before it ever reaches your tap. We're working to safeguard our water for the future by reducing the high levels of leakage.

The challenge of leaks

Every day we lose about 40% of our treated water through leaks before it even reaches your taps. Leaks can be difficult to find because they happen in the vast and complex network of pipes below ground. 

Many of these pipes are now old and damaged and need to be repaired or replaced to improve our water quality and supply. Despite the challenges, we're on track to save 166 million litres of drinking water daily by the end of 2021.

Our plan for Ireland

We're working with Local Authorities across the country to fix 1,500 leaks per month. Our leakage reduction crews are working hard to find and fix these leaks nationwide to protect Ireland's water supplies.


Kilometres of water network


Leak repair experts on the ground fixing leaks


Leaks are fixed every month


Litres of water saved daily by end of 2021

What we're doing

Leakage Reduction Programme

Our national programme of works is tackling the amount of water lost by fixing or replacing ageing and leaking pipes across every county.

Free leak repairs

The First Fix Free scheme offers free leak investigations and free repairs on domestic properties where a constant flow of water is found on the external water supply pipe. So far, the scheme has saved over 128 million litres of water every day from the repair of 61,560 leaks.