We continually assess and monitor water supplies nationwide. Occasionally, due to low supplies, we have had to issue water shortage notices to some of our customers. These notices ask you to help us conserve and reduce demand on your water supply.

Why water shortages happen

We need regular rainfall throughout the year, especially during winter, to build up our water supplies. Water shortages are also caused by leaks, old pipes and poor infrastructure.

Long term rainfall decline puts pressure on water supplies

A short spell of dry weather doesn't cause drought or shortages. Ireland has experienced low rainfall over the past 6 - 9 months. Last winter was very dry compared to other years. There is now less raw water available to treat and supply. This is putting pressure on water supplies in some areas.

Average rainfall

How you can help us

Conserve Water

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Water leaks in the home

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Water saving devices

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Effect of water restrictions in your home or business

You may notice some changes in your water supply during a water shortage notification, for example:

  • Low water pressure You may experience reduced pressure during off-peak hours, such as at night time
  • Changes in water quality you may experience changes especially from soft water to hard water as we make changes to your water source
  • Discoloured water or taste/odour issues You may notice temporary issues, caused by lower water pressure and stagnant water in pipes

Vulnerable or concerned customers

We will be identifying and prioritising vulnerable home and business users. If you are critically dependant on water for medical needs and have not registered as a priority customer with Irish Water, please call us on 1850 448 448 or register online through our vulnerable customer registration form. An alternative water supply arrangement will be made for you, if required.

After water shortages end

When a water restriction is over you may notice some effects as the system returns to normal. There may be issues with discoloured water and/or taste and smell as we flush the mains. Please bear with us as we restore normal levels of service.

Fixing leaks to conserve our resources

We will increase our leak repair work in the affected area during a water restriction period. These leaks can be in the public water infrastructure or in private homes and businesses.

Public infrastructure

We will work to find and fix leaks on the public infrastructure. This may result in supply interruptions for this planned maintenance.

Private properties

We will be encouraging property owners to check and fix leaks on their properties. There are four simple ways to check for leaks in your home. If you have a leak you may qualify for the First Fix Free Scheme.

If you have any concerns please contact our customer care team, open 24/7, on 1850 278 278.

Report a leak using the form or by calling our customer care team on 1850 278 278.

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