Our Wastewater Treatment Plant Network

Irish Water operates a network of wastewater treatment plants across Ireland with sole responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the public sewer network. These treatment plants vary in size due to the size and population of the area they serve. Despite the size of a treatment plant, the processes in treating wastewater are generally the same.

Irish Water Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation

All Wastewater discharges (WWD) from areas served by Irish Water sewer networks and discharging to the environment requires a wastewater discharge licence or certificate of authorisation from the EPA. There are stringent conditions attached to wastewater discharge licences to ensure the treated effluent is of good quality and does not negatively impact on the environment.

Licenced Wastewater Treatment 

View the list of EPA Licenced Waste Water treatment areas by county.

Licences and Reports

To search for Wastewater Discharge Licences (WWDL), Certificate of Authorisations (COA), Annual Environmental Reports (AER’s), audit reports and associated application documentation relating to the WWDL, visit the EPA website. A step by step guide to help you find the the relevant licence and documentation is available at WWD Access Guide

Bathing Water Quality

For information on the bathing water quality of Ireland's beaches, visit www.beaches.ie.

Receiving Water Quality

Receiving water is a stream, river, lake, sea or other surface or groundwater source into which treated or untreated wastewater is discharged. For information on receiving water quality, visit the EPA website.

Need to report an issue?

To report a wastewater treatment plant issue or emergency, call our customer care helpline on 1850 278 278. Our lines are open 24/7.

Building better water and wastewater services

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