Conserving water and protecting supply

Irish Water’s Drought Management Team meet daily to assess and monitor demand on water supplies nationwide and determine the necessary measures to protect the supply for the months ahead. We are working to ensure continued water supply through the following activities.

Managing and repairing the network

During shortages we change how we pump our water around the network. This is so customers on higher ground and on the edges of our networks do not suffer reduced service.

Reconfiguring the network

On larger supplies, we can change the water flows through our pipes to make sure people continue to have a water supply.

Tanker water to drought areas

If a supply is so low that we cannot keep producing water, we bring treated water from another area that is less at risk.

Increase leak detection and repair crews

Through our national Leakage Reduction Programme, we are reducing the amount of treated water lost through leakage. We have increased leak detection and repair crews in certain areas to provide emergency support over and above our normal operational crews.

Water Conservation Order

A water conservation order, or hosepipe ban, is only introduced if absolutely necessary to ensure people are only using water for essential purposes. 

Securing supply in the Greater Dublin Water Supply Area

Irish Water is undertaking a number of projects to secure existing supplies in the Greater Dublin Water Supply Area and increase the amount of water that we can abstract from existing sources. These projects will make an additional 46 million litres of water a day available for treatment and use in the region by 2021. 

Reducing leakage

In addition to these projects, Irish Water is committed to reducing leakage levels in the Greater Dublin Water Supply Area by approximately 44 million litres of water a day by 2021. This is the maximum saving which can be reliably achieved in that timeframe, based on a comprehensive leakage management approach, supported by a programme of replacing failing mains through the national Leakage Reduction Programme.

Water Conservation Advice

Making small changes at home, in the garden, on the farm or at work can make a big difference to saving water and protecting our supplies

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