Irish Water has prepared the following documents which outline our customer service standards:

  • Customer Charter (domestic customers only)
    This document outlines the guaranteed service standards customers should expect to receive when dealing with us.
  • Communications
    This Code of Practice outlines how we will support the establishment of efficient and effective communications between our customers and Irish Water
  • Metering
    This Code of Practice is to inform and protect customers who are having, or have, a water meter installed in their home
  • Billing
    This Code of Practice explains the bills we send you for Water Services
  • Vulnerable Customer (domestic customers only)
    This Code of Practice informs our vulnerable customers how we plan to respond to their needs when using Water Services. For example, where water in an area is determined to be unfit for human consumption, we will contact priority services customers directly
  • Network Operations
    This Code of Practice outlines how you can access information on connecting to the Water Services network and the networks to which you are connected
  • Complaints Handling
    This Code of Practice gives information and advice on how you can make a complaint to us, and how you can expect us to respond to your complaint
  • Terms and Conditions for Water Services (domestic customers only)

These documents have been approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and are currently in force. You can view these documents on our Customer Commitment page.

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