Charges if you do not have a water meter for your property:

HouseholdWater supply and wastewater servicesWater supply or wastewater services
1 Adult €160 per year €80 per year
2+ Adults €260 per year €130 per year

Charges if you have a water meter for your property:
Metered charges are based on the volume of water supplied. Water services are measured in m3 (1 m3 = 1 cubic metre = 1,000 litres).

Water supplied:

€1.85 per m3 (1,000 litres)

Wastewater removed: €1.85 per m3 (1,000 litres)

If you have a water meter you will pay no more than the capped charges of €160 for a single adult household and €260 for a multi adult household, but if you conserve water you could pay less. There is an annual free allowance to cover each child's normal water and wastewater needs, which is 21m3 (21,000 litres) per service, per child under 18 years old.

Not permanently occupied charge:
When a domestic property is not permanently occupied the not permanently occupied charge applies.
• €125 per annum for both services (water supply and wastewater services)
• €62.50 per annum per service (water supply or wastewater services

Water conservation grant:
There will be a water conservation grant of €100 per year which you may apply for if you have registered your primary residence with Irish Water. The grant will be administered by the Department of Social Protection and further details on when applications can be made to them will be announced later in the year.

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