The 'Do not drink / Do not use for food preparation / Do not wash' notice was lifted on 8 February 2018 for all customers in Kilcloon, Moygaddy, Killeany, Kilgraigue, Harristown, Brownstown, Ballynare, Butlerstown, Staffordstown, Brownrath, Blackhall Little, Waynestown, Harlockstown, Ballymacoll in Co Meath.

The notice was issued due to elevated chlorine levels affecting the above areas. The mechanical issue that caused the chlorine levels to increase was resolved, however, we are carrying out a programme of flushing on the network to return the chlorine levels to the correct drinking water standards.

Meath County Council, working on behalf of Irish Water, continue to carry out daily monitoring within the network to ensure Residual Chlorine concentrations remain at an acceptable level. We are continually liaising with the EPA and HSE to keep them informed of the monitoring and sample results. You can find a list of Residual Chlorine monitoring results from sampling carried out within the network below.

Why is there Chlorine in my tap water?

Chlorine plays an important role in protecting public health by killing harmful bacteria in our drinking water. This is a necessary disinfectant used worldwide across the water industry to help maintain a safe drinking water supply. Typically Free Residual Chlorine concentrations are within 0.1mg/l  –  1.0mg/l in Irish supplies. Almost all water supplies in Ireland have added Chlorine and, as a result, the water from these supplies may have a slight chlorinous taste and smell.

Please note the following:

  • All Residual Chlorine results are measured in mg/l (milligram per litre)
  • Free Chlorine indicates the concentration of Chlorine available for disinfection
  • Total Chlorine indicates the remaining Chlorine concentration after Chlorine demand of water has been accounted for. Chlorine demand is a calculation used to measure Chlorine reaction with organic materials, metals and other trace compounds which may be present in water.

News Updates

Do not use/Do not wash notice for parts of Meath has been lifted

Notice issued Thursday 8 February, 7.15pm

Programme of flushing was carried out on the network

  • On-going sampling results show Chlorine levels have returned to normal
  • HSE fully confident that the water is once again safe to use
  • For queries, call Customer Care on 1850 278 278

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Do not drink / Do not use for food preparation / Do do not wash

Notice issued Wednesday 7 Feb, 1.45pm

Do not drink, do not use for food preparation or do not wash notice in place for all customers with immediate affect in:

  • Kilcloon, Moygaddy, Killeany, Kilgraigue, Harristown, Brownstown
  • Ballynare, Butlerstown, Staffordstown, Brownrath
  • Blackhall Little, Waynestown, Harlockstown, Ballymacoll

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