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Windmill Hill Reservoir and Trunk Watermain to Ratoath

Uisce Éireann, working in partnership with Meath County Council, is progressing works to construct a new treated water storage reservoir at Windmill Hill and to replace the existing watermain between the new reservoir and Ratoath.

This project involves replacing over 7km of problematic, old watermains in Ratoath that are prone to frequent bursts and cause water supply disruptions for customers in Ratoath, Kilbride and Ashbourne. The old watermains are being replaced by new modern pipes.

Shareridge Ltd are carrying out these works on Uisce Éireann’s behalf.

In Progress

What are the next steps?

This project involves laying a new trunkmain from the Windmill Hill Reservoir to the Emerald Park (formerly Tayto Park) Roundabout, and from there to Ratoath. Main pipelaying works began on Monday 13th March at the Emerald Park (formerly Tayto Park) Roundabout and have progressed well along the R155 and into Ratoath Village. Remaining and smaller pipelaying works along this section will be completed under traffic management.

Works have now commenced on the next phase of pipelaying on the local road, L5003. Under this phase pipelaying will continue from the Emerald Park Roundabout towards the Windmill Hill Reservoir under a necessary road closure from 2nd October to the 29th October 2023. During this period a signed traffic diversion route will be in place.

Local and Emergency access will be maintained throughout the works for all residents and businesses. We will endeavour to keep you updated as the project progresses.

L5003 Road Closure Traffic Management

What is involved as part of this project?

  • Construction of a new large diameter trunk watermain that will replace the existing asbestos cement main between Windmill Hill and Ratoath. The replacement watermain will run parallel to the existing watermain predominately in public roads.
  • Construction of an elevated 4.7 million litre treated water storage reservoir and secondary disinfection system adjacent to the existing Windmill Hill reservoir.

What are the benefits of these works?

​The works carried out as part of this project will:

  • Improve water supply security and resilience for homes and business in Ratoath, Kilbride and Ashbourne;
  • Improve water pressure particularly in Ratoath, during periods of peak demand;
  • Increase the water transfer capacity to meet current demand and facilitate development in Ratoath, Kilbride and Ashbourne.

Where will the construction be carried out?

The new reservoir is being constructed adjacent to the existing reservoir at Windmill Hill, which is located between Curragha and Kilmoon Cross. The replacement watermain will run parallel to the existing watermain along the L5003 and the R155 as per Figure 1 below.

Will there be traffic management in place?

As the replacement watermain is in the public road, the project will require a significant amount of Traffic Management. Typical traffic management measures may include temporary traffic lights, stop/go systems, road closures and diversions. Signs will be erected in advance of works commencing to ensure road users are aware of current and upcoming traffic measures.

Local access and emergency access will always be maintained and there will be regular engagement with the community throughout the project duration.

Figure 1: Route of replacement watermain

Future projects in the East Meath region:

Uisce Éireann, working in partnership with Meath County Council, is continuing to invest and prioritise where we can deliver the most urgently needed improvements to drinking water quality, leakage, water availability, wastewater compliance, efficiencies and customer service. As part of this investment, there are a number of projects planned in the East Meath area over the coming years. Many of these are in the early design stage with site investigations due to commence in Q1 2023:

  • Replacement of the Staleen Water Treatment Plant to Windmill Hill Reservoir trunk watermain;
  • New regional treated water storage reservoir at Staleen Water Treatment Plant.

Figure 2: Navan / East Meath Water Supply Zone - Infrastructure Projects