Tullamore Sewer Upgrade

Wastewater Project

Upgrading the sewer network in Tullamore to remove blockages and address structural defects.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Offaly County Council, has invested €1,100,000 to upgrade 6km of sewer network in Tullamore. Environmental Techniques Limited is working on behalf of Irish Water to deliver this project.

This project is currently on-going, with the sewer upgrade works scheduled for completion in summer 2019.

€1.1 million


  • Address the structural defects of the sewers
  • Reduce the likelihood of sewer collapses and blockages
  • Reduce potential sewer flooding and odour issues
  • Improve the performance level of the sewer network


  • Cleaning the sewer network in order to undertake an accurate inspection and removed any blockages caused by inappropriate items (e.g. wet wipes, cotton pads, fats, oils and greases etc.)
  • Undertaking CCTV surveys of the sewer network to determine their condition and the extent of any defects, with over 2 km surveyed to date
  • Rehabilitating 4 km of the existing sewer through the installation of plastic liners and repaired connections

Think before you flush

  • Irish Water is supporting Clean Coasts to raise awareness and reduce these issues through the ‘Think Before You Flush’ and ‘Think Before You Pour’ campaigns.
  • Think Before You Flush is a public awareness campaign about the problem sanitary products and other items can cause in our marine environment and our wastewater systems if they are flushed down the toilet. Find out more here.