St. Philomenas Road, Crosshaven Water Mains Replacement

Leakage Reduction Programme

Irish Water, in partnership with Cork County Council, is replacing problematic water mains on St. Philomenas Road, Crosshaven, to improve security of supply, reduce high levels of leakage and improve water quality.

Irish Water is investing over €500 million between 2017-2021 to reduce leakage and replace old pipes on the public water network.

Leakage Reduction


  • Reduced Leaks - Replacement of water mains and service connection will eliminate existing leaks and reduce the amount of clean drinking water lost into the ground.
  • A Reliable Water Supply - Replacement of water mains and service connections will reduce the instances of bursts and water outages and will ensure a reliable supply of water to customers and local businesses in the area.
  • Improved Operation and Maintenance - These works will deliver cost savings by providing improved water network operation that will require less maintenance in the future.


  • The works involve the replacement of 580 meters of problematic water mains with polyethylene (plastic) pipes.
  • The works will take place on St. Philomenas road and the short section of the upper road which runs from the primary junction with the R612/Upper road to above St. Philomenas road.
  • The works will also involve laying new water service connections from the public water main in the road to customers' property boundaries and connecting it to customers' water supply.
  • Where the existing service connections on the public side and are lead these will be replaced as part of this improvement work.

Will customers be affected by the works?

Areas of work will be limited to short sections to minimise impact on customers. Traffic management in the form of a stop-go system will be in place during this time. Local and emergency traffic will be maintained at all times.

The works may involve some short-term water shut offs and the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to any planned water shut offs.

We understand that this type of work can be inconvenient and works crews will make every effort to minimise any disruption these necessary works cause.

More information

For further information you can contact the Project Team at