Old Connaught-Woodbrook Water Supply Scheme

Irish Water is progressing plans to upgrade drinking water infrastructure to safeguard the drinking water supply for Southeast Dublin and North Wicklow.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and Wicklow County Councils, is progressing with plans to upgrade the drinking water infrastructure supplying the Old Connaught-Woodbrook Water Supply Scheme. This project will involve the construction of strategic reservoir storage and associated water mains connections which will provide network resilience and flexibility for Southeast Dublin (Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co) and parts of North County Wicklow.

The current drinking water infrastructure in the area is inadequate and the project will involve the construction of two new reservoirs and approximately 13km of new watermains. Ward and Burke Construction Limited are delivering this project on behalf of Irish Water.

Once completed, this project will improve the security of drinking water supply in the area and benefit homes and businesses, as well as supporting future development in the area. It will also support social and economic growth and provide capacity for future growth for up to 12,000 homes.


What is involved as part of this project?

The following works will be carried out as part of the project:

  • Upgrade of the watermain network through the construction of 2 new reservoirs
  • Installation of almost 13km of new watermains ranging from 350mm to 600mm in diameter
  • All associated ancillary works

Figure 1: The new reservoirs and water mains are shown in red.

What are the benefits of this project?

The works carried out as part of this project will:

  • Increase security and resilience of the drinking water supply to businesses and residents in the area.
  • Facilitate future growth and development.
  • Provide enough storage capacity to meet current and future storage requirements.

What are the next steps?

Irish Water has signed a contract with Ward and Burke Construction Limited to deliver this project. It is planned that these works will commence in June 2022 and the project is expected to take approximately 2.5 years to complete. The Project Team will engage with the local community in advance of these works and endeavour to provide regular updates as this essential project progresses.

Stakeholder Engagement:

For updates on the works please visit www.water.ie/oldconnaught.

Ward and Burke Construction Ltd. has a full time Community Liaison Officer on the contract who is available to address and queries or concerns in relation to the works. Contact details: Denise Carty 086 440 3891 or oldconnaught@wardandburke.com.

Project briefing details for the Old Connaught-Woodbrook Water Supply Scheme are available here.

Planned Works Areas:

  • Ballyman Lane
  • Ballyman Road
  • Ferndale Road
  • Thornhill Road
  • 2 Fields off Ballyman Lane

Traffic Management:

The 2 main traffic control methods that will be utilised will be:

  • Stop and Go (manned)
  • Road Closures

All proposed traffic management plans will be agreed with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and Wicklow County Councils and Irish Water. All appropriate diversions will be in place for closures and sign posted accordingly.

Notification of Traffic Management:

Residents and businesses will be notified of all upcoming traffic management through, notification letters of works and notification signage ahead of all works.

Public Transport:

Contact will be made with all public transport companies, and we will liaise with same to provide them with information for any planned diversions and suitable control measures will be put in place to cater for all users.


Contact will be made with all schools, and we will liaise with schools in order to provide them with information for the parents and students in relation to school access in advance of each phase of works. Schools will be issued with all details on the timing of works and associated Traffic Management Plans.