North City Water Supply Scheme (Network)

Water Supply Project

This €5.4 million project is Phase 1 of a larger project needed to complete the old North Fringe Trunk Water Main around Dublin City. This phase of the project will provide security of supply to approximately 17,000 customers in the Clontarf and Fairview areas with the construction of 2.1km of new trunk mains. It will also improve water quality by providing a new chlorine dosing station and chlorine analysis facilities.

€5.4 million


  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Secure water supply to areas in North Dublin
  • Improve water flow and pressure control
  • Allow for further development at the North Docklands


  • Constructing a new chlorine dosing station with chlorine analysis capabilities
  • Constructing 2.1 km of new trunk water mains from Fairview Park to Clontarf Promenade
  • Connecting the new mains to the existing trunk network on the Howth Road via Hollybrook Road