Moyola Park Water Mains Replacement

National Leakage Reduction Programme

Irish Water, in partnership with Galway City Council is improving the water network in Moyola Park, Co. Galway to provide a more reliable water supply to the community.

The works involve the installation of almost 770 metres of new ductile iron pipes. This new main will augment and provide security of supply to the main supply to Clifton Hill reservoir from the water treatment plant at Terryland. These works are being carried out as part of Irish Water’s National Leakage Reduction Programme and are planned to commence in January 2022.

These works will be completed in a phased approach between Jan 2022 – May 2022.

These works will involve laying a new 600mm pipe along Moyola Park, which is part of an overall project that will eventually provide for a new trunkmain from Terryland to Clifton Hill.

This planned initial phase of works involve the construction of approximately 400m of new modern water mains in Moyola Park, facilitating a new Trunk Watermain from Terryland Water Treatment Plant to Clifton Hill Reservoir, to augment the existing network. Construction works on the new water mains will commence in early January 2022.

This new watermain on the public network will supply Galway city, and will be the main feed for this community. The improvement works will benefit the entire of Galway city communities and the works are planned to relieve supply issues on the current network.

This project is being delivered to improve the water network and provide a more resilient water supply to these Galway communities. It will improve the capacity and resilience of the existing water main in the area, improving performance and reducing demands on the current network. The works will be carried out on behalf of Irish Water by Ward & Burke Construction and are expected to be completed by the Summer 2022.

Leakage Reduction

What are the benefits of the works?

The benefits of these watermains works include:

  • Reliable Water Supply – Installation or replacement of water mains and service connections will reduce the instances of bursts and water outages and will ensure a reliable supply of water to customers and local businesses in the area.
  • Supporting social and economic development – This project will facilitate social and economic growth in Galway.
  • Improving the water network - This project will build resilience in the water network, increasing the capacity to deliver reliable, sustainable high-quality water services.

Will customers be affected by the works?

To facilitate the safe delivery of works, there may be some short-term local traffic management in place during the phased construction.

The works may involve some short-term water interruptions to the water supply. The project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to any planned water interruptions.

We understand that this type of work can be inconvenient and works crews will make every effort to minimise any disruption these necessary works may cause. Standard working hours are between 8am and 6pm, with no work anticipated on Sundays or public holidays.

Irish Water is working proactively with our delivery partners and as part of a multi-agency working group to ensure that our construction works are carried out in a controlled and safe manner, in keeping with Government and HSE guidelines to protect workers, their families and the broader community.