Monaghan Sewer Surveys

Wastewater Project

Progressing with surveys of 2km of sewer and over 180 manholes in Monaghan.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Monaghan County Council and Arup, is currently undertaking surveys of the existing sewer network in Monaghan town. McBreen Environmental Services Limited is working on our behalf to complete these surveys.

The surveys are almost complete and are the first of its scale carried out in Monaghan. These will provide the basis to build a hydraulic model to assess the capacity, condition and performance level of the sewer network.

In Progress


  • Allow Irish Water to build a hydraulic model of the existing sewer network in Monaghan town
  • Determine the condition, capacity and performance level of the sewer network
  • Allow Irish Water to prioritise sewers in need of upgrade on a national basis
  • Part of a national programme of sewer surveys and models that are being undertaken across the country


  • Undertake CCTV camera surveys and data collection of the sewer and manholes
  • Installation of rainfall, flow, depth and conductivity monitors
  • Access to private property may be required to complete the surveys
  • Some minor road works and traffic management around manholes will be required for a limited time to facilitate the surveys
  • Traffic will be managed in coordination with Monaghan County Council with limited or no traffic disruption expected as a result of these works