Mallow Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Irish Water is progressing with upgrades to increase capacity and ensure environmental compliance.

Irish Water has awarded a contract to Glan Agua Limited to complete the project.


Irish Water, working in partnership with Cork County Council, is progressing with upgrades to wastewater treatment plant in Mallow, Co. Cork. The current wastewater treatment plant is outdated and overloaded. Once completed, this project will increase the capacity at the plant to benefit homes and businesses in Mallow and the surrounding area.

What is involved as part of this project?

As part of this €20 million project, Irish Water will:

  • Upgrade of the existing Mallow WWTP
  • Upgrading of foul and storm pumping at Mallow Bridge
  • Provision of stormwater storage at the new Mallow Bridge Pumping Station

What are the benefits of this project?

The upgrade works carried out as part of this project will:

  • Modernise and improve the performance of the wastewater treatment infrastructure
  • Increase the treatment capacity and resolve overloading of the plant
  • Allow for the long-term social and economic development of Mallow

What are the next steps?

Irish Water has signed a contract with Glan Agua Ltd to deliver this project and it is expected that works will commence in the coming months.

We will endeavour to provide the local community with updates as this essential project progresses.