Loughshinny Wastewater Infrastructure Upgrade

Wastewater Project

Irish Water has begun a €4.5 million project to deliver new wastewater infrastructure for Loughshinny.

Irish Water has signed contracts to deliver a €4.5 million project that will upgrade wastewater infrastructure in Loughshinny.

Wastewater infrastructure in Loughshinny is no longer suitable to meet the needs of the area. Wastewater from Loughshinny currently flows to an overloaded septic tank, which allows inadequately treated wastewater to discharge directly into the Irish Sea.

This project will stop the discharge and send wastewater from Loughshinny to the existing wastewater treatment plant at Barnageeragh in Skerries.

In Progress
€4.5 million


  • Protection of the environment by ending the discharge of inadequately treated wastewater to the Irish Sea.
  • Protection of bathing water quality at Loughshinny.
  • Compliance with the EPA’s wastewater discharge authorisation for Balbriggan/ Skerries.
  • Provision of wastewater services that meet the needs of both domestic and commercial customers in Loughshinny and the surrounding area.
  • Capacity for an increase in the local population to facilitate future growth of the village.
  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs.

What is involved?

  • Decommission the old septic tank system.
  • Construct a new underground pumping station at the Loughshinny beach car park, with an above-ground control kiosk.
  • Construct approximately 2.5km of new wastewater pipe from the new Pumping Station to the R128 via Harbour Road, Mine Road and the R128.
  • Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd. is delivering the contract on behalf of Irish Water.

Next Steps

  • Works commenced in September 2020 and are due to be be completed in 2021.
  • Reinstatement works are currently progressing in the area.