Kenmare Water Supply Scheme

Water Supply Project

This €4.5 million project involved a significant upgrade to the water treatment plant in Kenmare, benefiting over 2,200 people. These upgrade works have ensured that customers in Kenmare and the surrounding areas receive a secure and reliable supply of high quality drinking water.

This project included comprehensive treatment facilities including a cryptosporidium barrier. This means that the necessary infrastructure is in place so that Kenmare’s water supply is in compliance with the requirements set out in the European Union Drinking Water Directive. There is now a 24 hour reservoir storage capacity for Kenmare, enhancing the security of supply. Due to deficiencies in the treatment process at the old plant, Kenmare has been included on the EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL). It is expected that the completion of this project will facilitate the removal of the supply from the RAL.

€4.5 million


  • Improved security of water supply
  • Improved the efficiency of the facility
  • Ensures compliance with requirements set out in the European Union Drinking Water Directive and National Drinking Water Regulations
  • Will enable the removal of 2,200 people from the EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL)


  • Comprehensive treatment facilities
  • Cryptosporidium barrier, providing safe drinking water to the residents of Kenmare
  • 24 hours reservoir storage capacity for Kenmare which enhances the security of supply