Gort and Spiddal Regional Water Supply Schemes

Water Supply Project

Irish Water has invested over €1.5 million to upgrade the Gort and Spiddal Regional Water Supply Schemes. This investment benefits over 14,000 customers to ensure that both treatment plants can meet demand for treated water in their areas, while also complying with the current drinking water regulations.

The upgrades at both of the plants were carried out by Coffey Water Limited on behalf of Irish Water and in partnership with Galway County Council. As part of these works, the processes within the existing plant were assessed and upgraded in order to provide a robust flocculation, coagulation, filtration process and UV disinfection system. These upgrades were necessary to ensure a fit for purpose water supply for the area.

€1.5 million


  • Safe guard the water supply to the Gort and Spiddal areas
  • Improved water quality and water treatment standards
  • Ensure compliance with current drinking water quality regulations


  • Upgrade current plants to provide more advanced treatment process to mitigate against various contaminants and improve the quality of water supplied
  • Upgrade works to the flocculation, coagulation, clarification and filtration processes