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Claregalway and Milltown Sewerage Scheme & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater Project

This project involved the construction of two new plants at Milltown and Claregalway. Prior to the construction of this neither Claregalway nor Milltown had municipal wastewater treatment facilities and relied on individual treatment systems within housing developments and septic tanks to provide this service. Over time this gave rise to significant environmental issues and a deterioration of the water quality in the River Clare. This project will greatly improve the water quality of the River Clare and protect the conservation objectives of the River Corrib Special Area of Conservation. The treatment plants have the capacity to meet the current and future residential and industrial development needs. Claregalway is identified in the Galway County Development Plan in the top tier of planned future residential development centres in the county.

Milltown and Claregalway, Galway


  • Ensured treated effluent and sludge complies with EPA standards
  • Allows for future population growth and economic development in the localities
  • Reduced risk of pollution to the River Clare, a Special Area of Conservation


  • Construction of two new wastewater treatment plant in Claregalway & Milltown
  • Construction of four new pumping stations and upgrade of three existing pumping stations
  • Connecting existing housing estates/developments to the foul sewer collection systems
  • Operating and maintaining pumping stations, rising mains and gravity pipelines

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