Buncrana Sewerage Scheme

Wastewater Project

Irish Water has submitted a planning application to Donegal County Council for the proposed Sewerage Scheme.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Donegal County Council, plans to deliver the Buncrana Sewerage Scheme. This scheme is part of the Donegal Towns & Villages Sewerage Schemes project and includes upgrades to the sewer network in order to address flooding, overflow and capacity deficiencies. Stormwater storage will be provided in Buncrana to reduce the risk of overflows during storms.


What is involved?

  • Provision of stormwater storage at the Buncrana Wastewater Treatment Plant and at the Westbrook Pumping Station.
  • Upgrade of the sewer network to increase its capacity.
  • As part of this project it is planned that works will take place in the following locations including: Marian Park, Cahir O‘Doherty Avenue, Aileach Road, Railway Road and Cockhill Road


  • Reduce the risk of overflows and flooding during heavy rain events through provision of stormwater storage;
  • Improve water quality in the receiving waters;
  • Ensure compliance with Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations 2001 and the EPA Wastewater Discharge Licencing;
  • Provide for growth and development in Buncrana and the surrounding areas.

What are the next steps?

  • Consultations have been on-going with all landowners identified on the proposed scheme. Irish Water was unable to acquire consent to all of the required wayleaves and lands on a voluntary basis.
  • Given the importance of the project to the wastewater infrastructure, Irish Water will now endeavour to acquire the wayleaves and lands by way of Compulsory Purchase Order pursuant to the provisions of the Water Services Act, 2007 (as amended).
  • Irish Water has submitted the Compulsory Purchase Orders for both schemes to An Bord Pleanála.