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  • The new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) will bring benefits to Whitegate-Aghada in terms of health, integrity of the environment and improved water quality for all
  • The new wastewater treatment plant will improve the water quality in the receiving waters by achieving the required discharge requirements as set out in the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive
  • Cleaner water will enhance the amenity value of the Whitegate-Aghada area and act as a platform for social and economic development, by protecting the local bathing waters and shellfish waters in the area
  • The new pipes, pumping stations and the wastewater treatment plant have all been sized to accommodate an increase in the local population
  • The project will assist with ensuring that the water quality standards set down by regulatory bodies will be achieved


  • A new wastewater treatment plant at Ballytigeen, which will serve a population equivalent of approximately 2,500
  • A 200m-long marine outfall pipeline to safely discharge treated wastewater to the sea near White Bay to the south west of Whitegate
  • Construction of 1400m of new sewer pipelines and 3,500m of rising mains to transport untreated wastewater to the proposed new wastewater treatment plant
  • Construction of 3 new below ground wastewater pumping stations near Rostellan Memorial Park, the pier in Lower Aghada and Main Street in Whitegate
  • This project is currently in design and pre-planning stage

More information

For further information you can contact the Project Team at CorkUWW@water.ie.

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