In Progress

What is involved?

  • This section of the pipe whick needs to be repaired is approximately 75 metres long. This section of pipe crosses under the Grand Canal, the Luas line and Suir Road.
  • The main compound site on Devoy Road is enclosed by hoarding. Irish Water anticipates that there will be minimal disruption in the area during works.


  • Address the structural defects of the pipe
  • Protect the Grand Canal into the future
  • Improve the performance level of the wastewater network
  • Prevent the pipe from collapsing further

Next Steps

  • Irish Water will be utilising the existing site compound along Devoy Road as part of the rehabilitation of the Grand Canal sewer which collapsed in July 2019.
  • The section of wastewater pipe which requires rehabilitation starts at Devoy Road where it then crosses beneath the Grand Canal. We anticipate there will be minimal disruption in the area whilst works are taking place.
  • The existing site compound will be in place until the works are complete in May 2020.

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