In Progress


  • Safeguard the water supply to the Ballivor and Longwood areas
  • Ensure both plants have a sufficient storage capacity to meet increasing demands
  • Provide a safe, secure and sustainable source of drinking water to the areas
  • Improve water quality and water treatment standards


  • Construct a new 630 m3 above-ground treated water storage tank at the existing Kilmurray Water Treatment Plant in Ballivor
  • Construct a new 500 m3 above-ground storage tank storage tank at the existing Longwood Water Supply Zone
  • Construction of weather proof enclosures for the tanks, below-ground dechlorination chambers, associated pipework and ancillary works at both plants
  • All construction works will be undertaken in a way to minimise the disruption to the Ballivor and Longwood Water Supply Schemes
  • Construction works will be carried out within the footprint of the plants, therefore minimising disruption to traffic, residents and businesses in the surrounding area

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