• Address water quality risks for the supply
  • Increase security of the drinking water supply to customers in the Ring Helvick area, in particular during peak summer demands
  • Safeguard the water supply to this area by increasing the level of storage capacity
  • Facilitate removal of the Ring Water Supply scheme from the EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL)

What is involved?

  1. Constructed two new reservoirs to serve the high level area served by the Ring-Helvick Scheme.
  2. Installed over 8 kilometres of watermain to connect Ring-Helvick and the adjoining water schemes of Old Parish, Roberts Cross and Leagh Cross.
  3. Constructed a new pumping station at the Springmount pumping station at Clogherane, Dungarvan.
  4. Incorporated the existing reservoir tanks at Seaview into the new water supply scheme.
  5. Disconnected:
    Ring-Helvick water supply scheme with treatment at Seaview Water Treatment Plant; Loskeran / Old Parish water supply scheme; Robert’s Cross water supply scheme; and Leagh’s Cross water supply scheme. 
  6. The Ring-Helvick Water Supply Scheme is now being fed from the Upper and Lower Reservoirs, with Dungarvan as the source.

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