This €5.5 million investment in the water network in Monaghan Town and Clones will improve the water supply for customers, by reducing leakage by an estimated at 54 million litres of water per year.

This project will involve the replacement of old water mains that are prone to leakage and regular bursts which can cause interruptions to supply and will deliver significant improvements in network performance and customer service in terms of supply pressure, security of supply and water pressure.

Location Monaghan Town and Clones, Co. Monaghan
Investment €5.5 million
Status In Progress
Completion Date Summer 2018

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Improved Water Pressure

  • Reduced Leakage.

  • Improved Maintenance and Operation.

  • Individual ownership of each connection to the relevant homeowner

What is involved in this project?

  1. Design, construction and commissioning of 9.1km of new water mains across Monaghan with the replacement and rehabilitation of approximately 4.8 km of aging water mains in Monaghan Town and and 4.3km of distribution network in the Clones rural area.

  2. This project will also include the installation and commissioning of 570 new service connections including the replacement of 134 backyard services and 39 public side lead service pipes.

As part of this project, works will be carried out in the following areas including:

  • Clones Monaghan

  • O’Neil Park

  • Mill Street Newtownbutler Street Market Street

  • Cavan Road

  • North Road Start Scotshouse Road North Road

  • Newbliss Road

  • Plantation Road Sherrick East Glen Road

  • The Mall Clones Road Belgian Square

  • Market Road

  • Belgium Park Dawson Street Western Terrace

  • Park Street

  • Stanley Terrace High Street

What are the next steps?

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