What are the benefits of this project?

  • Improve water pressure and eliminate peak-time pressure fluctuations
  • Remove public-side lead service connections for 230 customers
  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Reduce supply disruptions and leakage

Why is this project needed?

Water leakage

The Ennis Water Supply Scheme has one of the highest levels of water leakage in Co. Clare.

Disruption to supply

Many of the water mains identified for replacement have high burst rates. This causes frequent major water supply disruptions to the Ennis area.

Pressure fluctuation

A number of the existing water mains lack sufficient hydraulic capacity to meet demand. This results in pressure fluctuation, low pressure, and even water outages at times of peak demand.

What is involved in this project?

  1. Replacing 17km of existing cast iron, uPVC and cement water mains with 11.8km of new water mains with a simplified water mains layout.
  2. Upgrading 1,135 existing customer service pipes. 
    95 of these are shared service pipes in the back gardens of terraced houses which are problematic for leak detection and repair. These will be replaced with individual services for each property.
    230 of these are lead service pipes that may be contributing to the presence of lead in drinking water and these will be replaced.
  3. Commissioning 3.6km of existing trunk water mains on the Ennis by-pass between the Lahinch Road and the Kilrush Road. This allows the transfer of water from the town reservoir (located to the north of Ennis) directly to the southern areas of the town without having to pass through the town centre to provide a flexible and secure operating strategy.
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