This €5.2 million investment is needed to upgrade the Clonroadmore Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The existing plant serves Ennis Town and is operating above capacity, resulting in the plant being severely overloaded with only 30% of the wastewater it receives being treated. The remaining 70% of untreated effluent is being discharged directly into the River Fergus. An upgraded wastewater treatment plant will treat all wastewater it receives to EPA standards, protecting the River Fergus and allowing for future population growth and development in the area.

Location Clonroadmore, Co. Clare
Investment €5.2 million
Status In Progress
Completion Date Winter 2017

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Ensure effluent is treated to a high standard that complies with EPA standards
  • Reduce risk of pollution to the River Fergus
  • Allow for future population growth and economic development

Latest News

  • Upgrade works  at the Wastewater Treatment Plant are now fully completed and final commissioning of the new plant has recently commenced

What is involved in this project

  1. Increasing the capacity of the plant from 17,000 population equivalent (PE) to 30,500 (PE). This will allow all wastewater to be fully treated in compliance with EPA standards.
  2. Installing preliminary treatment facilities at Tulla Road and Francis Street Pumping Stations. These facilities will help ensure a higher quality of wastewater being discharged from the Clonroadmore Wastewater Treatment Plant into the River Fergus.
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