What are the benefits of this project?

  • Improved water quality in the receiving waters
  • Enhancement of Carraroe’s amenity value and will act as a platform for social and economic development
  • Compliance with national and EU regulations relating to the treatment of urban wastewater
  • Provision for future growth within the Carraroe area


What is involved as part of this project?

  1. A new wastewater treatment plant that will serve a population equivalent of 1,800.
  2. A new below-ground pumping station
  3. Sewer pipelines to bring untreated wastewater to the new wastewater treatment plant
  4. A new treated wastewater pipeline to discharge treated wastewater from the new wastewater treatment plant to the existing outfall
  5. Testing and commissioning of the works

Works taking place at Sruffaun Pier

Works to facilitate the connection of the existing wastewater network to the new wastewater treatment plant and the connection of the treated wastewater pipeline to the existing outfall will be undertaken adjacent to the pier

These works will be managed such that they will have the least possible impact on the pier 

A temporary working area will be appropriately fenced to ensure the safety and access of those visiting the area is maintained

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