This €15.2 million investment will resolve water quality and supply issues for customers serviced by the Fethard and Burncourt Regional Water Supply Schemes in Co. Tipperary.

Two new water treatment plants will ensure customers in both Fethard and Burncourt will receive a reliable supply of high quality drinking water. The creation of a new water supply source at the River Anner will also further secure water supply for local communities.

Location Fethard and Burncourt, Co. Tipperary
Investment €15.2 million
Status Completed

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Reduce disruptions to supply
  • Improve security of supply
  • Create a new water supply source for local communities
  • Lifting of boil water notices for over 90 properties in the area
  • Improve water pressure

Latest News

  • Refurbishment of the Tower and Small Reservoir is complete.
  • Commissioning of the new Water Treatment Plants at Fethard and Burncourt has now been fully completed with both plants now fully operational and supplying water to the water supply networks.

What is involved in this project?

  1. Constructing a new water treatment plant, reservoir, sludge dewatering building, tanks, intake works and pumping station for the Fethard Regional Water Supply Scheme.
  2. Constructing a new water treatment plant, reservoir, sludge holding tanks and ancillary works for the Burncourt Regional Water Supply Scheme.
  3. Creating a new water source direct from the River Anner.
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