€18 million


  • The construction of new pipelines by tunnelling methods
  • The construction of external diameter shafts in road to enable construction of the tunnelling works
  • The decommissioning of a 50-year-old pumping station
  • The construction of connections to the new pipelines from the existing network


  • The North Docklands area has seen significant development over the past two decades and was designated as a Strategic Development Zone in 2014. The existing wastewater collection network serving the area is based mainly on a single pipe combined system, which is in excess of 150 years old
  • The project is needed to increase the capacity of the wastewater network, to protect and improve water quality in the River Liffey and to allow for population and economic growth within the North Docklands area


This project involves significantly increasing the capacity of the wastewater network in the North Docklands area which will mean:

  • Reduced occurrences of flooding on the existing network
  • Protection and improvement of water quality in the River Liffey and Dublin Bay
  • Improved infrastructure to enable the future social and economic development of the North Docklands

Next steps?

The next phase of the North Docklands Sewerage Scheme will see the construction of 570m of new wastewater network along Sheriff Street Upper between the junctions of East Wall Road and New Wapping Street along with the construction of 330m of new wastewater network along Castleforbes Road between the junctions of North Wall Quay and Sheriff Street Upper. In order to minimise disruption, these new sections of wastewater network will be constructed using tunnelling methods in Sherriff Street and Castleforbes Street.

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