In Progress
€1.9 million


  • Improve the performance of the wastewater treatment process at the plant
  • Ensure compliance with Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations 2001 and EPA wastewater discharge licence
  • Resolve odour issues at the plant
  • Improve the water quality at the stream discharge point at the Mullinahone Stream which flows into the River Suir
  • Accommodate future growth and development in Mullinahone and surrounding areas

What is involved?

  1. Construct a new inlet works and settlement tanks.
  2. Construct a new storm water tank, to increase the plant's resilience during storm events.
  3. Upgraded the flow measurement, sampling, automation and control facilities.
  4. The majority of the works have been completed within the footprint of the site therefore minimising the impact to the local community.

More information

For further information you can contact the Project Team at team@water.ie.

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