In Progress

What is involved?

  • Installing installing six new pumps (630kW 3.3KV pumps with a flow of 3300l/sec each)
  • Installing associated pipework, switchgear, control panels and ancillary equipment
  • Installing two new transformers 
  • Refurbishing the pump station roof


  • This upgrade will lead to estimated annual savings of 2,799,146 kWh/year or over 2,182 tonnes of carbon, which equates to annual savings of over €335,000 for the business
  • Modernise and improve the performance of the pumping station
  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Reduce the risk of failure at the site and subsequent flooding in Dublin


  • The first two pumps were delivered to site in December 2019 with installation commencing shortly
  • Works are ongoing in preparation for this installation including removal of pump 6, installation of new invert siphon and associated works
  • The installation of the second pump is expected to commence in March 2020 which will further reduce the risk of failure at this site

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