€4.5 million


  • Protection of the environment by ending the discharge of inadequately treated wastewater to the Irish Sea.
  • Protection of bathing water quality at Loughshinny.
  • Compliance with the EPA’s wastewater discharge authorisation for Balbriggan/ Skerries.
  • Provision of wastewater services that meet the needs of both domestic and commercial customers in Loughshinny and the surrounding area.
  • Capacity for an increase in the local population to facilitate future growth of the village.
  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs.

What is involved?

  • Decommission the old septic tank system.
  • Construct a new underground pumping station at the Loughshinny beach car park, with an above-ground control kiosk.
  • Construct approximately 2.5km of new wastewater pipe from the new Pumping Station to the R128 via Harbour Road, Mine Road and the R128.
  • Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd. is delivering the contract on behalf of Irish Water.

Works Completed and Next Steps

  • The contractor will now finalise the detailed design and work plan before they begin works on site.
  • Works on site are expected to begin in Q1 2020 and will take approximately 1 year to complete. Local businesses and residents will be notified in advance.

More information

For further information you can contact the Project Team at team@water.ie.

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