In Progress

Where are works planned?

  • Howth Road
  • Moyclare Road
  • Burrows Road
  • Claremount Road
  • Balkill Road
  • Baldoyle Road
  • Station Road
  • Seagrange Park
  • Tramway Walking Trail
  • Warrenhouse Road

News and Updates

Details of upcoming works in Howth:

Please Note: There are no proposed works on the Howth Water Supply Scheme Project between 18 July 2020 to 4 August 2020 due to the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) holidays.

Proposed Dates
Duration of works
Traffic Management

Howth Road, Deer Park, Dungriffen Pathway, Balkill Park, Grace O’Malley Park

13 July – 17 July
5 days
Stop-go system. See map below.
Carrickbrack Road
13 July – 17 July
5 days
Temporary road closure with local diversions. See map below.
Dungriffen Reservoir
13 July – 17 July
5 days
Deliveries only
Seagrange Park 13 July - 17 July 5 days None required - Construction of a mini pillar
Bailey Green 13 July - 17 July 5 days None Required - Trial holes

Traffic Management

VMS Signage has been erected advising of works. Advanced traffic management warnings will be provided using signage and AA Road Watch. These works will be carried out in phases to reduce impact to businesses and residents. Local access will be maintained at all times. Working areas will be kept to a minimum to minimise any traffic congestion. Residents in Carrickbrack Road have been notified of the works.

Diversion Routes

View the diversion routes by clicking on the links below:

Howth Road

Howth Road - Howth Lodge

Grace O'Malley and Balkill

Dungriffen Reservoir Walkway

Carrickbrack Road Map 1 & Carrickbrack Road Map 2

Pedestrian Diversions - Grace O'Malley Drive Phase 1, Grace OMalley Drive Phase 2 and Grace O'Malley Drive Phase 3

Community Liaison

All local and affected stakeholders have been advised of the works.

A Community Liaison Officer will be available to address queries or concerns in relation to the works (Project Team - 086 817 0421).

Project Progress

  • 810m of pipe has now been installed on the Howth Road.
  • All pipes have been laid in Deer Park.
  • Dungriffen Pump Station works are progressing well.
  • 500m of pipe installed in Grace O’Malley Park.
  • Dungriffen Path Way pipe installed and reinstated.

What is involved?

  • Construction of 6.1 km water mains, from Baldoyle  to the existing Reservoir at Dungriffen, Howth
  • Rehabilitation and upgrade works at the existing Corr Bridge Pump Station
  • Construction of a new pump station including chlorine dosing facilities at Dungriffen Reservoir


  • Improve the security of the drinking water supply
  • Safeguard the water supply to this area
  • Reduce interruptions to the drinking water supply
  • Improve water pressure for homes and businesses

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