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Details of upcoming works in Howth:

Proposed Dates
Duration of works
Planned Works
Traffic Management

Bailey Green Reservoir

28 September – 02 October 2020
5 days
Connection and pipe laying works
None – See attached plan

Lauders Lane

05  - 06 October 2020 2 days Trial holes None – See attached plan
Dungriffen Reservoir 07 October  - 21 October 2020 10 days Reservoir roof and pipe work None required

Bailey Green, Howth – Works Area andTraffic Management

Project Progress

Works are progressing well, with the following completed to date:

  • 810m of pipe has now been installed on the Howth Road.
  • All pipes have been laid in Deer Park.
  • Seagrange Park works reinstated.
  • Carrickbrack Pipe work installed and tested
  • Dungriffen Pump Station works are progressing well. 
  • 500m of pipe installed in Grace O’Malley Park.
  • Dungriffen Pathway pipe installed and reinstated.

Where are works planned?

  • Howth Road
  • Moyclare Road
  • Burrows Road
  • Claremount Road
  • Balkill Road
  • Baldoyle Road
  • Station Road
  • Seagrange Park
  • Tramway Walking Trail
  • Warrenhouse Road

What is involved?

  • Construction of 6.1 km water mains, from Baldoyle  to the existing Reservoir at Dungriffen, Howth
  • Rehabilitation and upgrade works at the existing Corr Bridge Pump Station
  • Construction of a new pump station including chlorine dosing facilities at Dungriffen Reservoir


  • Improve the security of the drinking water supply
  • Safeguard the water supply to this area
  • Reduce interruptions to the drinking water supply
  • Improve water pressure for homes and businesses

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