Courtown, Wexford
€7.2 million


  • Allow for future growth in local population, tourism and economic activity in Gorey and Courtown
  • Improve water quality in the Banoge River
  • Bathing water quality regulations will be met at National and European levels
  • Blue flag accreditation will encourage water based recreation


  • Extending the existing Courtown Wastewater Treatment Plant to provide increased capacity from the current population equivalent (PE) of 15,000 to 35,000 to enable the plant to treat all wastewater from Gorey and Courtown catchments
  • Provisioning for future expansion to a PE of 45,000. This additional capacity will allow for future growth of the Gorey and Courtown catchment populations
  • Constructing pre-treatment works, reinforced water retaining tanks, pump sumps, chambers, sludge facilities and control buildings
  • Upgrading the outfall pipeline from the Courtown Wastewater Treatment Plant to Ballinatray Road
  • The existing Gorey Wastewater Treatment Plant (excluding the new pumping station) will be decommissioned on completion of the upgrade works
  • Existing treatment structures at Gorey will be converted to provide screening and storm water storage with the pumping station pumping all flows to the Courtown plant for treatment

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