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Overall project benefits

The project is important in terms of protecting the environment, facilitating economic development and providing for a growing population. 

Clean, safe harbour environment

Clean, safe harbour environment

Economic development

Economic development

Population growth

Population growth

About the project

Untreated raw sewage has been discharging directly into the lower harbour for decades. Wastewater is collected from homes and businesses across the lower harbour area and undergoes no treatment before being discharged into the sea. This practice is in breach of EU regulations. We are addressing this issue with a long-term investment in wastewater in Cork.

The project consists of:

  • A new wastewater treatment plant at Shanbally
  • 14 new pumping stations
  • 30km of new sewers
  • Repairs to 25km of old pipes
  • A drilled crossing under the estuary

News and Updates

Current Roadworks

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Current Road Closure

  • 90m section of road closed in the vicinity of Passage West Library / Pace Centre
  • Road will be closed for 4 weeks from Monday 13 August to Friday 7 September

Email corklowerharbour@water.ie if you have any questions or would like to receive updates on the works. 

Find out more about the road closure

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80% of the new sewers completed

We have completed 80% of the new sewers required on the south side of the estuary - some 6,300 m of new sewer have been installed to date and have we have approximately 1400 m left to construct.  Two sections of work remaining include works on Strand Road, Glenbrook and works on Cork Street, Passage West.

The Strand Road works are designed to best engineering practice, and our detailed design could only be constructed safely with a road closure for the works and a road closure was sought at Strand Road from 2 July to 31 August from Cork County Council (this was to be the maximum time for the works to be completed as designed).

Irish Water and the project team recognise the serious concerns of the local community in relation to the proposed road closure at Strand Road and Cork County Council has advised that these concerns have been reiterated to them in submissions on the road closure. 

We at all times endeavour to minimise disruption to businesses and the general public while maintaining the highest level of safety for our workforce and we are re-examining the works in detail with a view to developing a new design proposal to reduce the duration of the road closure and to minimise disruption whilst ensuring the safety of the general public and our workforce. Therefore Irish Water has suspended the proposal for a road closure between 2 July and 31 August at this time, however, it should be noted that certain road closures will be unavoidable in the area in order to complete the essential work to clean up our harbour.

When we have completed a thorough review of the works and have a firm proposal we will:

  1. Outline the proposal at information days and consult with the elected representatives, businesses and the public. These information days will be advertised in the Echo, the Examiner and the Carrigdhoun, on our website and to our stakeholders;
  2. For any road closure required we will, taking into account comments received in the above consultation, make an application to Cork County Council in line with their procedures;
  3. Cork County Council will then publish details of the proposed road closures and will invite submissions on the road closure noting the duration that submissions may be received;
  4. Cork County Council, being the relevant Roads Authority, will then consider the application and all relevant submissions and either seek further information from the applicant or grant the road closure;
  5. Should Cork County Council grant the application for a road closure, they will publish the dates of the road closure.

Irish water recognise that the local community has been very patient with the ongoing works which are required to clean up our harbour, into which the equivalent of 20,000 wheelie bins of raw sewage continues to be discharged from the communities living around it, including Passage West, Monkstown, Ringaskiddy and Cobh.

We would like to reiterate our commitment to working with the local community to minimise the impact where possible as we work together to clean up our harbour.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing cooperation as we work together to deliver the Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project and end the discharge of raw sewage into the Cork Lower Harbour.   

  • The Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project will end the discharge of raw sewage from homes and businesses across the lower harbour area into the sea.
  • The project, at this stage, involves repairs and upgrades to the sewerage network in Carrigaline, Glenbrook, Monkstown, Passage West and Ringaskiddy 
  • A new treatment plant commenced operations at Shanbally in December 2016 and, on completion, 20,000 homes and businesses will be connected to the new scheme

Irish Water would like to thank residents in advance for their patience and cooperation and to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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