In Progress


  • Address the structural defects of the old Victorian Sewers
  • Reduce the likelihood of sewer collapses and blockages
  • Reduce potential sewer flooding and odour issues
  • Improve the performance level of the sewer network


  • Works are due to commence on Monday 25 March 2019 and are expected to be completed in early May
  • The works area will extend approximately 100 metres from the junction of Clarendon Street and Wicklow Street to the junction of Clarendon Street and Coppinger Row
  • These works will be undertaken during evenings and overnight In order to mitigate any impact to residents or businesses, with only minor traffic disruption anticipated
  • The majority of the works will take place underground, therefore noise will be minimal
  • Access to properties and businesses will be unaffected by the works as the work crew will demobilise from the works area each morning

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