In Progress
€14 million


  • Will improve the water and sewer network in Bandon
  • Will reduce leakage in Bandon
  • Provision for future growth within the Bandon area


  1. Replacement of 10kms aging water mains with a high frequency of burst and high rate of leakage
  2. Upgrading over 5kms of sewer network
  3. Replacement of all lead and copper communications pipes crossed or otherwise encountered during the construction works and replacement with polyethylene pipe
  4. Provision of a combined sewer underneath the bed of the St. Patrick’s Place Culvert on the Bridewell River from New Road along St. Patrick’s Place to Market Quay
  5. Removal of combined sewer overflows

Details of upcoming and on-going works:

LocationStart DatesDurationPlanned WorksTraffic Management

Numerous locations in the town

Starting 4 January 2021 4 weeks Snagging works on manholes  Stop and Go
Pearse Street Starting 4 January 2021 8 weeks Watermain construction

Road closure

New Road Starting 4 January 2021 12 weeks Sewer and Watermain Construction Stop and Go


Pearse Street

The works on Pearse Street recommenced on 04 January 2021. A section of a historic round tower was encountered during the works which has delayed the works. The pipeline route has been relocated as a result of the historic round tower.

Planned Works

The planned works included the construction of a new sewer on Pearse Street.

Traffic Management

These works will be carried out under a full road closure. Please see the traffic management plan below.


Parking will not be permitted on Pearse Street for duration of the works, with parking restrictions also required on Bridge Street.


These works will take 8 weeks.

Please Note: The Temporary seating area at Bridge Lane will need to be removed to allow traffic to flow for the duration of works on Pearse Street.

New Road

Works on the construction of the new sewer and watermain along New Road recommenced on 04 January 2021. Initial works included the tie in of pipes to Church Lane South.

Traffic Management

A stop and go system is required to facilitate these works. Local access will be maintained where possible.


Parking may be restricted in the area due to the works. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


These works will take 12 weeks.

Stakeholder Engagement

For updates on the works please visit the Bandon Project page.

Ward and Burke Construction Ltd. has a full time Community Liaison Officer on the contract who is available to address any concerns in relation to these works.

Contact details: Carol Harris 086 1449548 or bandon@wardandburke.com.


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